About Director

We all are living in the age of competition. The whole world has become a globalized world. Globalization has sharpened the competition. At present state of globalization demands us to be more efficient and competent in every field. Professor Darwin stated the theory of survival of the fittest and elimination the unfit and Disha Delphi Global School firmly believes in this theory.

To translate it into reality, we will leave no stone unturned to make our pupil more competitive and the best among all, however, best is always redefined.

The goal of the school is to inculcate in the student love for learning , and a desire to excel at every field. The school's aim , i.e., providing the best education and overall development of an individual will continue to be the hallmark of our school.

We believe in excelling not just in providing rank holders, rather in making the flourished personality for each and everyone to explore his potential to the extreme.

The mission of our school is Open the doors and Open the minds.

Jitendra Singh Jadaun
Disha Delphi Global SR. SEC.School Kota (Raj.)